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World class models for world class environments.

Graswald plants are more than just 3D models. They have been carefully drawn up on the basis of scientific knowledge and inherit the iconic characteristics of their real life counterparts.

Graswald and Graswald Pro use these beautiful models in a surrounding curated for vfx and archviz environments in Blender. With smart materials that allow for incredible customization, fast and easy selecting and importing, various ways of optimizing and even integrated physics1, creating breathtaking environments in minutes is easy.

And if you're not a blender artist, you can buy the Asset Library and import the models and textures into any application you want or use the preconfigured 3ds Max files.

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Miettinen Jesse
Dark Autumn

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Aron Springer
Birch Forest


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Adam Nordgren

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  1. Physics are only supported in Graswald Pro.