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Introducing a new generation of 3D plants.   
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Using plant models has never been easier.

With Graswald, creating stunning 3D nature renders in Blender is easy.  Add ready-made particle systems with literally three clicks. Control where your plants grow with weight painting. Customize your materials to simulate the seasons. And with everything you need in one place, you can spend more time on your artwork.

The most beautiful models for your 3D nature scenes.

Enjoy nature at its best. With Graswald, you'll get 473 of the 663 different highly detailed models from the Graswald Asset Library. You'll get access to 20 different species of world class 3D plants and debris to use in your renders, so you can create realistic environments without worrying about your vegetation.
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Add your assets faster than ever.

Faster then you can say noodle. Create a particle system and particle settings, select a species and you’re good to go. You can now scatter your plants across the surface of any object in Blender without having to learn how to set everything up yourself. Or, add a new system with new settings and load the individual models into your scene so you can place them manually.

Go pro with season materials.

Next level stuff ahead. Both Graswald and Graswald Pro allow you to simulate the seasons by customizing the look of the plant materials. Using different sliders, you can alter the age of your plants.You can even add dry grass blades, colorful moss variation or dead grass patches within seconds. Adding that extra bit of realism takes your renders to the next level!

Change detail in an instant.

High material quality. Transparency and maximal texture resolution (up to 4k) for close-ups.

Medium material quality. No transparency and 512px large textures. Optimal for people with no time or loads of expensive computers.

Low material quality. No transparency and a minimal texture size of 16px  result in the fastest  render times.

Choose between three different material qualities. You don’t need as much detail for a large grass field as for a close-up render. Simply swap your materials for higher optimization.

Geometry optimization. Add levels of subdivision for each particle systems to boost the realism with additional geometry or decimate the number of polygons for larger scenes. All with a simple slider.

More geometry.
Less geometry.
Its a piece of cake.

Easy to use. And to create.

Simply great. Graswald's simplified user interface offers you the core features in a clear way that's easy to understand. Even if you're a Blender beginner. And with new icons, context menus and panels redesigned for Blender 2.8, it will fit right in with your typcial workflow.

Everything you need in one place.

Get everything done. Faster. You can find everything you need to influence the look and feel of your vegetation in the Graswald menu. Add more grass. Make the flowers smaller. Change the seed for a randomized look. And with all these settings in one place, you can ignore all the technical difficulties of 3D computer graphics and focus more on your art.

Looks great in Eevee and in Cycles.

Before After

Always beautiful. All Graswald materials are using the brand new Principled BSDF shader, allowing a flexible workflow in Cycles and Eevee with physically correct shading where you need it. This ensures that the assets will always look great in every lighting condition, so you can stop fiddling with settings and start being creative.

Grow everything everywhere.

Scattering made easy. With Graswald comes a handy toolset for placing and distributing your models accross a surface. With easy to use sliders, you don't need to learn expensive scattering software. The density settings simulate the way plants grow by controlling the percentage of area that is covered by your plants.  Graswald even adjusts the number of models scattered according to the set size to guarantee a consistent density.

Only see what you need to see.

Give your machine some love. We know you don't have a quantum computer at home. Luckily, you don't need one as we have built in some optimization: Change the draw type right in the Graswald tab. Set it to bounds when working on large-scale scenes to improve overall viewport performance or switch it to textured view when you need to see every detail. You can even change the mode for the whole scene or hide individual systems in the viewport. That way, you can stay focused on what matters and work faster.

Control where your plants grow with weight painting.

Get natural. In an ecosystem, every living organism has its own role to play.That is why some plants might grow in certain areas while others don’t. You can simulate this exact phenomenon by painting distribution maps. That way, you can control where and where not you want your plants to grow artistically. You can even reuse and modify existing groups to work more efficiently. Want the weight painting to affect the size of your plants? You can do that, too.

Graswald or Graswald Pro?


Using plant models has
never been easier.