All new features that come with Graswald 1.3.

We're constantly trying to improve the way you use Graswald. These are the latest features we have added.

User Interface

Improved Viewport Colors.
Graswald 1.3 ships with automatically assigned viewport colors for each species. This makes working with multiple particle systems a lot easier as it simplifies identifying different systems.


Proxy Models.
Graswald 1.3 comes with new proxy models for each species variant for a faster viewport performance. In total, we added 96 new proxy models.

Low-res models.
Every species variant comes with several low resolution models that speed up renderings and the viewport. They can be controlled via the new LOD panel. In total we added 190 new low-res models.

Clump Models.
Each species variant comes with new clump models that are ideal for scattering larger areas or getting a more natural clumping behaviour. In total we added 161 new models.


LOD Manager.
Manage two different levels of details and proxy models for your viewport, viewport render and final render right in the Graswald menu.

Camera Culling
You can now limit the global distribution of models to your camera view with the new Camera Culling feature. Adjust the padding and detail settings for even more control.

Graswald Release Notes

Graswald 1.3

Graswald 1.2