Digital preservation.

Done by professionals.

We preserve the world by creating digital copies of nature's most important ecosystems. We leverage the latest innovation in 3D technology to create 3D twins at large scale, that look like their real counterparts.

Digitalisation is important.

But you're probably doing it wrong.

We are experiencing a biodiversity crisis and nearly one third of all assessed species are threatened with extinction.

Preserving the most accurate data on the current state of ecosystems becomes a basis for future research that we are not yet prepared to undertake.

Most digitalisation efforts result in the creation of large image libraries. However, with an image it’s a matter of luck if you captured the features that’ll matter for future use-cases.

Virtual 3D preservation.

A better solution.

Proprietary 3D scanning technologies allow us to create digital 3D twins of any object or surface material. 3D reconstructions can provide a much richer, in depth analysis.


Changing the position of an object and digitally lighting it from different angles to reveal surface detail.


3D objects can be manipulated much easier than images and reused for environmental simulations.


3D is a much more interactive media, allowing students and researchers alike to gain more knowledge from one single element.

We are 3D digitalisation experts.

Check out our services.

We’ve been digitalising organic objects, flora and fauna since 2012. With 10+ years of experience in digitalising both exhibitions in museums as well as full outdoor ecosystems, we are the perfect partner to help you digitally preserve your worlds.

Surface Capture

We create a highly detailed digital 3D surface of any object, including books and textiles using a technology called Photometric Stereo.

Object Capture

We create highly detailed digital 3D models from any object using the latest Stereo-Photogrammetry technology.

Indoor Scanning

We can scan at your location or in our specialised laboratory in Hannover, Germany.

Outdoor Scanning

We have been capturing complete ecosystems outside in the wilds, allowing you to display nature's full variety.

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