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Eilenriede Forest

Our new generation of 3D plant models. With 8 Levels of Detail, incredibly realistic PBR-scanned materials, amazing 3D stems and an all new ecosystem approach. Create better nature than ever before.

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Introducing a new generation of 3D vegetation.


Innovative production. Unmatched quality.

We developed innovative new processes to create 3D plants with amazingly realistic 3D stems directly from our 3D Atlases. The result is a new generation of 3D vegetation you've never seen before.


Our most realistic materials ever.

We developed a proprietary scanner especially for vegetation, making our new textures not phyiscally based, but physically correct.


Checked by a real biologist.

Every model has been scientifically checked by our internal biologist and meticulously adjusted. You only get models that look exactly like their real-world counterpart.

Nature's diversity in your hands.

Every species comes with different variation groups displaying exactly the stages we found on the scanning location. Mix dead, small and adult plants for ultimate realism. Every variant group also includes enough individual models to avoid repetition when scattering your assets.


Levels of Detail

With 8 levels of detail based on our highly accurate scanning information, you are getting the unmatched realism for real-time applications, huge architectural scenes and close-up VFX shots.



The huge amount of different species allow you to create photoreal ecosystems in different variations. No render will look the same, but everyone will be instantly realistic. Plus, 15 more species will be added in the coming weeks.


Species Variants

Species variant groups highlight different stages of the same species. You can mix old, young and big models of the same species or just use them interchangeably to simulate different seasons.


Individual Models

Every species variant has a multitude of different model variations. This ensures that you can scatter large areas without any visible reptition.

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One full ecosystem for ultimate realism.

The missing ingredient to photorealism.

Most artists assemble plants that look good, but don't actually grow together. If you want your renders to be truly photoreal, you need to pay attention to the composition of natural elements.

More artwork.
Less guesswork.

We scanned everything in a 100x100 m area in the Eilenriede Forest — from the tiniest gravel to the biggest leaf. The result allows amazingly realistic results, removing the guesswork for you when assembling your scene.

Everything you need to build photoreal environments.

The Eilenriede Forest comes with 22 new species which resemble everything you can find in a forest — from ferns, to grass, to weeds and climbing plants to the smallest debris. This diversity allows you to build photoreal ecosystems from the ground up that will stunn your clients.

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Made for you.

Tailored to your industry.

To better support different industries, our new assets come in 8 different LODs. That means our models just became more detailed than ever before and more optimized at the same time.


Introducing Building Blocks.

Building blocks are the perfect way to build your own custom model. Simply combine the pre-built parts like LEGO-Blocks to create the plant of your dreams.

Use building blocks like LEGO to assemble your custom plant with a few clicks.

All the formats you need.

Our assets have been converted to all the formats you need including Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D and 3ds Max with automatic mesh and shader updates for all major renderers.

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Multiply the magic.


Complete ecosystems with a few clicks.

Our new assets work seamlessly with G Scatter, our powerful scattering tool for Blender 3.0. With its powerful layer effects, you can create amazing nature scenes within no time.

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Any questions?

What is the Eilenriede Forest Asset Pack?

The Eilenriede Forest is a new asset pack introducing a new level of quality for 3D vegetation. It comes with physically correct PBR materials scanned direclty from real plants and 8 different levels of detail (LODs). It was scanned as one ecosystem, meaning all plants work extremely well together and can be mixed at will without loosing any realism.

It comes with preconfigured Formats for 3ds Max, Maya, Blender & Cinema 4D supporting all major render engines as well as fbx with 4K textures.

The Eilenriede Forest is our most realistic, high-quality asset pack, perfect for close-ups and large scenes alike. It is configured for every major 3D program out there and deeply integrated with our new scattering add-on for Blender, G Scatter.

Can I use the new assets with G Scatter?

Yes you can:

Make sure you update to G Scatter 0.4.3 first. Older versions won’t work with the Eilenriede Forest pack.

  1. You need to download the Eilenriede Forest for G file.
  2. Next, open the Asset Browser in G Scatter. In the Library window, click on the download icon on the top left corner and navigate to the Graswald Asset Pack for G file. Then hit install.
  3. Once you installed it, you should be able to load assets into your scene or scatter them directly.

Do you have any other questions?

We have the answers! Check out our FAQs.