A new generation of 3D vegetation.

Coming this December...

Our Asset Pack Eilenriede Forest will introduce a new level of quality for 3D plants.

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What to expect

Introducing Ecosystems

Remove the guesswork from your work

We scanned everything in a 100x100m location — from the tiniest gravel to the biggest leaf. The result allows amazingly realistic scenes without worrying if something fits together. All elements in this pack come from the same location, making additional material, size or color adjustments redundant and removing the guesswork for you when assembling your scene.

8 LODs

Tailored to your industry.

Our new assets come in 8 different Levels of Detail – from Hero Geometry for close-up scenes to game-ready low-res models. Our models became more detailed than ever before and more optimized at the same time.


Physically based? Physically correct!

Our new textures have been scanned with our own proprietary vegetation scanner. Correctly scanned Albedo, Translucency, Opacity, Normal, AO & Height Maps make your scene instantly more realistic.

And much more...

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Any questions?

What is the Eilenriede Forest Pack?

The Eilenriede Pack is first new pack (of many more to come) featuring vegetation captured at the Eilenriede Temperate Forest in Hannover, Germany.

It includes different species of weeds, grass, ferns, ground cover, climbing plants and debris all scanned at the same location for maximum realism when building your 3D scenes.

Thanks to new scanning techniques and production processes, it comes with 7 LOD stages for each individual models and incredibly realistic Physically Correct Materials.

When will the Eilenriede Forest Pack be released?

We will release the Eilenriede Pack in Mid-December.

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