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Image by Pawel Pecherzewski,
House Design by Backyard ADUs

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The best vegetation for ArchViz in Blender.

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Bring your visualisations to life with world-class 3D plants.

Graswald plants help you create better renders by providing photorealistic plant species tailored for Archviz. With detailed models that work in close-ups and large scale variants for ultimate performance, it’s the perfect partner in crime for any architectural scene.


Breathe life into your Archviz renders.

Image by Lukasz Gaska

Grass that looks like real grass. With Graswald Pro, you'll get photoreal grass with visible nodes, sheaths, and collars or weed flowers with visible ligules and stigmata, allowing stunning detail that even holds up in close-up situations and micro shots. 

Image by Ján Morek

Create beautiful visualizations. Graswald Pro features a range of the grass and weed species that you can find in any garden, landscape or lawn. And with our species based approach, you can use exactly the grass your client wants.

Build complete ecosystems. Create photorealistic looking vegetation with over 600 individual models to choose from. With variation on a sub-species level, you can create believable exteriors in minutes.


3D models for the greater good.

Image by  Pawel Pecherzewski,
House Design by Backyard ADUs

Whatever you need. Whenever you need it. Graswald models come as clumps and single models. That way you can fill out path borders and large landscapes - without worrying about realism or performance

This will help you aLOD. Our LOD system allows you to manage high-res, low-res and proxy variants of our 3d models. So you can use less detailed models for larger areas in the background and highly detailed grass in close-ups.

Image by Miettinen Jesse

Clean topology. Minimal transparency. Our models have been built with minimal transparency, and clean topology, improving the performance and render time drastically compared to conventional models without losing detail.

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This will speed up your workflow.

Image by Helmy  Ardiansyah

Customization to beat the band. Graswald Pro allows you to customize your plant’s look. Add aging or dryness for an autumn feel or create dead patches and lawn stripes for a photorealistic garden.

Distribution made easy. Graswald Pro has introduced a new way of scattering to Blender. With consistent density, proxy support, camera culling, weight painting and an integration with the innovative Scatter Add-on, the possibilities are endless.

So powerful. So easy. Most developers focus on function over form. The Graswald Pro interface is an exception. It’s clean design saves you a lot of time, so you can focus on what matters.

Everything you need to create incredible visualizations.

"Easily the best nature assets I've ever worked with. A must have for every artist."

Pawel Pecherzewski, 3D Architecture Visualiser

”Vegetation is the basis of realism. Graswald helps to achieve remarkable results.”

Lukasz Gaska, 3D Architect

"Graswald is an amazing tool. It allows you to create convincing environments without much effort."

Helmy Ardiansyah, 3D Artist

“Almost endless possibilities for nature and high-end architectural renderings with intuitive controls.“

Martin Kovacik, 3D Artist

“I absolutely love the power of the addon and the amazing detail put into it.“

Thomas Berard, 3D Artist

Better nature for ArchViz.

Buy Graswald now and create amazing nature scenes for your project.

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