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Photorealistic 3D plant models for VFX in Blender.

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Create incredible CG environments within no time.

Visual effects need models that look photoreal in any scenario. Our highly detailed plant models have been used to create realistic environments in the film and advertisement industry. They will complement your scenes by adding that extra portion of realism to fully immerse your viewers in the worlds you create.

Courtesy of Sehsucht, FUSE Animation
and Hirokazu Yokohara
Bring life to your scene.

Create breathtaking environments.

Courtesy of Sehsucht
Image by Tiago Sousa
Image by Uwe Johanssen
Image by Dominik Bereswil
Image by Leonardo Braz

Create fully digital environments, that allow your audience to fully immerse in your story. With enough detail to work even in close-up situations, Graswald assets are perfect for any animated scene - from commercials to video game trailer.

Import a huge variety of different 3D plants for any needs - within seconds. And with integrated scattering options, you can quickly iterate your concepts, until you got something you like.

Add highly detailed plants as particle systems in a matter of seconds. And thanks to Graswald Pro's Smart Materials, you can customize the look of your scene quickly, to get exactly the result you want.

There's nothing that adds more life and color to an image than beautiful plant models. Graswald Pro helps you to perfectly stage your products. Create scenes that look so believable, your clients think you took a photo.

Create photoreal environments that allow your audience to fully immerse in your story - without even thinking about CGI.


Come closer. Even closer.
Nah, even more.

Realism comes first. We made sure that every single model gets the detail it deserves. With Graswald, you'll get grass with visible nodes and sheaths or weeds with delicate flowers.  They're so detailed, they even work in close-up shots, so you can start creating photorealistic environments without worrying about your models holding up.

Image by Aron Springer

The closest you can get to the real thing. Every single asset was carefully modeled with reference to the structural details of the real plant. You'll get plants that are scientifically accurate and not just resemble generic hair strands, allowing stunning realism that looks good in close-up and large scale scenarios.

Image by River Yang

Clean topology. Minimal transparency. Our models have been built with minimal transparency, and clean topology. They're detailed enough for close ups and light enough for large areas. With that amount of flexibility, they're the only models you'll ever need.


We got you covered. And your ground.

Build complete Ecosystems. Our assets cover everything from grass to weeds, from dead leaves and debris to moss. With Graswald, you'll get all the elements you need to build environments from the ground up that look photoreal and are highly customizable.

Image by Miettinen Jesse

Nature's diversity in your hands.
Use different species variant groups, displaying different variants of the same species. With up to 98 model variations per species variant, you can say goodbye to repetition. Plus, every species variant comes as individual models and clumps, giving you ultimate control and unprecedented realism.

Built for all purposes. Graswald Pro comes with an LOD system that allows you to choose between proxies, low-res and high-res models for each species variant group depending the needs of your scene. Plus, you can choose between three different material qualities, giving you detail only when you need it.


More than just 3D models.

Courtesy of Sehsucht

Introducing Aging. Graswald's Smart Materials allow you to change the look of your scene in seconds. Age your plants with one single slider or add dryness and dead patches to your grass. Our sophisticated masking solutions allow you to get precisely the look you want.

Create environments in minutes. Graswald Pro has automated Blender's scattering workflow for you. With consistent density, proxy support, camera culling, weight painting and integration in the innovative Scatter Add-on, the possibilities become endless.

So powerful. So easy. Most developers focus on function over form. The Graswald Pro interface is an exception. It’s clean design saves you a lot of time, so you can focus on what matters.

Everything you need to create incredible visualizations.

"Brilliant for adding more realism to your 3D scenes. Something I've needed for a long time!"

Miettinen Jesse, 3D Artist at Wakeone

"Photorealistic plants of remarkable quality."

Mateusz Wielgus, Freelance Architect/ CG Artist

"Graswald impresses above all with the high customization of the materials."

Aron Springer, 3D Environment Artist

"I was so amazed by the ridiculous amount of detail that went into these models!"

Lukas Walzer, 3D Generalist at Animationsfabrik

"A brilliant collection of all the things you need in one easy add-on."

Gregory Smith, Matte Painter

"Adding these thoughtfully crafted and highly detailed assets to your projects is simple and straight forward."

Carl Roe, Freelance 3D Artist

Better nature for Visual Effects.

Buy Graswald now and create amazing nature scenes for your project.

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