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Photorealistic Nature. Made easy.

Enjoy the best way to create nature scenes in Blender with the Graswald Add-on. It comes with some of the most realistic plant models you’ve ever seen and easy to use controls, so you can create better renders faster.

Image by Uwe Johanssen
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The most realistic plant models.
In your hands.

The closest you can get to the real thing. Graswald models have been created based on scientific reference. That way, they’ll look just like real grass. You can use them for big meadows or even close-up scenes where the plants are close to the camera. 

Nature's diversity. In your hands. Each species comes with different species variant groups, so you can create dandelion plants, flowers, seedheads, dead plants and small dandelion plants for more variation. This will prevent any visible pattern which happens if you only scatter one single plant model.

Optimization at it's core.
So you can create without waiting.

Image by Gregory Smith

Get the detail you need. Graswald models come with 2 different Levels of Detail (LODs). Use the high-res version for close-ups and the less detailed models for larger scales, where you need to use millions of plants. Plus, you can use clump models for even more optimization. That way, you don’t need a professional workstation to create great looking 3D renders.

Image by River Yang

You can switch between three different material qualities. The high quality is perfect for close-ups, featuring up to 4k texture resolution. The medium quality works optimal for people with no time or loads of expensive computers.The low quality has a minimal texture size of 16px, ideal for small plants in the background.

An Add-on that brings it all together.

Image by Uwe Johanssen

Simulate the seasons. Graswald’s innovate smart materials allow you to change the look of your render with one single slider. Add an aging or dryness effect to your plants, or add lawn stripes for that extra bit of realism.

Graswald makes particle systems easy. We’ve collected all the things you need for scattering in Blender in one spot, so you can actually get something done without worrying about the 100 options you don’t need. And with some additional features like consistent density, distribution painting or camera culling, you can achieve exactly the look you want.

Trusted by professionals around the world.

Everything you need to create incredible visualizations.

"The one thing that upped the quality of my renders the most is definitely Graswald."

Adam Nordgren, 3D Artist

"High-quality plants created with close attention to detail, plus an easy to use customization. Totally recommended!"

Zacharias Reinhardt, Founder & Lead Instructor at CG Boost

"I was so amazed by the ridiculous amount of detail that went into these models!"

Lukas Walzer, 3D Generalist at Animationsfabrik

"A powerhouse with so many features! From a large library of grass and weed species to choose from to hyper-realistic materials and models, this add-on is a must for your workflow."

Nick Brunner, 3D Artist & CEO at Deep Sail

"A brilliant collection of all the things you need in one easy add-on."

Gregory Smith, Student & Matte Painter

"Adding these thoughtfully crafted and highly detailed assets to your projects is simple and straight forward."

Carl Roe, Freelance 3D Artist

"Graswald impresses above all with the high customization of the materials."

Aron Springer, 3D Environment Artist

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