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The Geometry Nodes based scattering add-on available for everyone.

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Put your wallet back in your pocket.

Scattering can be technical, complex and expensive – both for your computer and your wallet. We harness the power of the new Geometry Nodes so you can use the latest scattering technology for free.

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Geo Nodes.

Harness the power of Blender's new Geometry Nodes without having to spend hours learning what each node and setting does. Our clean and artist-friendly user interface allows you to scatter like you've always done.

Scatter anything you want.

It only takes 3 clicks to create a meadow. Select your surface, select the object(s), hit scatter and you are done. And with anything, we mean anything. G Scatter is not Graswald exclusive. You can scatter everything that you added to your scene.

Gets the job done.

With control over density, scale, randomization, grouping and masks, G Scatter is the scattering toolkit you need. And with features like presets and texture support in development, it can only get better.


Create amazing nature.

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Actively developed with you.

We believe in community-driven product development. That's why we want to encourage you to join our cause making Scattering available for everyone. Are you in? This is how you can help.

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We are working on a voting board so you can see how your thoughts affect our development. Until then, send use your must have features or cool ideas you always wanted to see in a scattering app. We'll try to include them in our roadmap.

Nobody is perfect, but we are definitely trying. To help us provide working software at any time, please do report a bug when you encounter it. This will make life easer for you, your fellow users and us.

There are a lot of people still struggling with Blender and environment creation. If you are not, please participate in our community and share best practices and tips, so others can learn from you. And if you are just getting started, check it out as well!

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"With G Scatter, I can use the power of Geometry Nodes without having to spend time figuring out what the new nodes do. It's what I need to meet the project deadlines."

Aron Springer, 3D Environment Artist

Start scattering now.

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What is G Scatter?

G Scatter is a free scattering add-on build on the new Geometry Nodes of Blender 2.93. It allows you to scatter any object on a surface and control the look of it by changing the density, scale, rotation and much more. You can use it to quickly create natural environments like meadows or forests.

Which blender version do I need for G Scatter?

G Scatter is based on the new Geometry Nodes of Blender 2.93. In order for it to work, you need to use Blender 2.93 or higher.

Can I use my own assets with G Scatter?

We designed G Scatter to work with every object, not just our own assets. If you want to scatter your own assets, all you have to do is load them into your scene, select them and hit scatter selected.

How can I use the Graswald assets from Graswald Pro?

Together with the guys and girls from 3D Ninjas, we created an Asset Browser that allows you to quickly browse through, buy and use the existing and future Graswald models. At the moment, there is no deep integration between the Graswald (Pro) add-on and G Scatter. However, we added the option to install the assets within G Scatter for our exisiting customers. This is how you do it:

Download the Graswald Asset Pack for G Scatter from the Blender Market or Gumroad. It should be available next to the latest versions of the add-on.
Open the Asset Browser in G Scatter. In the Library window, click on the download icon on the top left corner and navigate to the Graswald Asset Pack for G file. Then hit install.

Once you installed it, you should be able to load assets into your scene or scatter them directly.