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Over 3,000 individual nature models and growing.

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Incredible attention to botanic details. Experience the best 3D vegetation on the market.

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Build 3D nature.
From the ground up.

Capturing the tiniest details.

With carefully scanned Albedo, Roughness, Normal, Height, Ambient Occlusion, Opacity and Translucency Maps, you'll get industry-leading materials. Forget physically based. Say hello to physically correct!


We provide all the maps necessary to create incredibly photorealistic shaders. Click on each map to understand how it makes a difference.

No shadow. No reflection.

Albedo maps show the color of the element without any shadows and reflection. We use a proprietary technique allowing us to capture an almost unlimited number of light directions to calculate the most accurate albedo map possible.

Let the light in.

Translucency maps are being used to simulate how light scatters through the leaf material. Our translucency is captured through countless light positions and angles, allowing for far more realistic results than using conventional backlight techniques.

Incredible normal maps. Check.

The normal map is the most important component of any plant shader. We use a proprietary technique allowing us to capture an almost unlimited number of light directions to calculate the most accurate normals possible.

Accurate roughness. Finally.

Conventional roughness maps are only a graphical estimation. Our proprietary algorithms generate more accurate roughness maps by using source data, light positions, normal and height maps to ensure your plant gets as much reflection as necessary — but not more.

Elevate close-up shots.

We incorporate the low-frequency height into our geometry already, so you can use our height maps for extra details in close-up shots.

3D plants that look correct. Because they are.

Variations. Viarations. Varaitions. Viraiations. Variatoins.

More than 38 different variant groups allow you to create photoreal ecosystems in different variations. No render will look the same, but every scene will be instantly realistic.

Variant groups for more flexibility.

Every asset comes with different variant groups like Big, Small, Dead, Young, etc. to help you unlock nature's full potential.


Ground Elder


Ground Elder


Ground Elder


Ground Elder

Scatter without any repetition.

Every variant group comes with a great number of individual 3D models, all carefully crafted to look amazing in close-ups — and scattered in large groups.

Variant 01

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 02

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 03

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 04

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 05

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 06

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 07

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 08

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 09

Enchanter's Nightshade

Variant 10

Enchanter's Nightshade

Including up to


variant groups per asset

With up to


individual models per group

Build complete ecotopes.

No more guesswork! Each ecotope is a complete system with elements that have been carefully scanned in the same location. Whether you are conjuring meadowlands, imagineering a forest, or breathing life into a simple playing field, you can be confident that the assets you use will work perfectly together.

Eilenriede Forest

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Explore the assets
Included Assets
Common Oak Debris
Quercus robur
Common Oak
Quercus robur
Unspotted Lungwort
Pulmonaria obscura
Yellow Archangel
Lamium galeobdolon
Small Balsam
Impatiens parviflora
Ground Ivy
Glechoma hederacea
Common Ash
Fraxinus excelsior
Scouringrush Horsetail
Equisetum hyemale
Broad-leaved Enchanter's Nightshade
Circaea lutetiana
Lady Fern
Athyrium filix-femina
Ground Elder
Aegopodium podagraria
Ground Elder
Aegopodium podagraria
Rubus plicatus
Sycamore Maple
Acer pseudoplatanus
Sweet Woodruff
Galium odoratum
Common Ivy
Hedera helix

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Introducing the Graswald Web App: One place to find and download all your assets. Download our plugins for quick DCC import. Work together in Team Workspaces. Build 100% accurate 3D scenes based on our curated ecotopes.

Faster import with plugins

Download our plugins for Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max and Blender to quickly load in your downloaded assets. Our plugins will set up all shaders correctly based on your 3D software and render engine so you can focus more on your scene.

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Use workspaces for your teams

Workspaces store your subscription and coin information. You can create as many as you want and invite your team members to share assets with them. Working in different teams? No problem. Just join different team workspaces.

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See what you get and find what you need

Our new web app makes finding the right asset incredibly simple. All assets come with scientific and english names so you know exactly which species you are downloading.  And our new scattered previews make visualising your scenes so much easier.

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Easy downloading ahead

We provide our files as Alembic or FBX. Simply select your preferred choice and download the right asset for you.
Using 3ds Max, Maya, Blender or Cinema 4D? Use our plugins to load in all assets with their correct shaders.

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Easy world creation with ecotopes

When we create our assets, we go to specific locations and identify and scan everything in a 100x100 meter radius. These small patches are called Ecotope - the smallest ecologically distinct landscape features. When using a Graswald ecotope, you can mix assets without prior research and lookdev.
All elements fit together perfectly.

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Next-level scattering.
Free of charge.

Gscatter is our free tool, enabling you to create and edit scatter systems within Blender. Access wizard-level distribution functionality for all assets in your scene.

Scatter better. With Effect Layers.

Effect Layers allow a new way of scattering. Like building up layers in Photoshop, you can now layer, mix and blend effects for Masking (Height, Texture, Slope, etc.), Optimization and Objects.

Don't take our word for it.

Used by the world's most innovative and creative teams, we're driven delivering quality beyond belief.

"Easily the best nature assets I've ever worked with. A must have for every artist."

Paweł Pęcherzewski
Art Assistant at Blender Guru
A mysterious dark norther forest with a misty pond.

"Brilliant for adding more realism to your 3D scenes. Something I've needed for a long time!"

Miettinen Jesse
3D Artist at Wakeone

"Graswald solves my needs for the realism, density, and spontaneity natural scenes demand."

3D Environment Artist

"The one thing that upped the quality of my renders the most is definitely Graswald."

Adam Nordgren
3D Environment Artist

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