Image by Adam Nordgren

Large Scale Update

Your imagination
is the limit.

Change the way you create environments with some of the best 3D plant models on the market and a powerful Blender integration for fast and flexible workflows.

Scientifically correct 3D plant models.
Blender integration at its core.
Smart materials for ultra-customisation.
Curated for vfx.
And for archviz .
Optimized for direct usage.
For professionals
and hobbyists.
Image by Miettinen Jesse

Create beautiful environments.
In no time.

Graswald is the solution for 3D Artists who need realistic vegetation in their scenes. Our world class models allow you to create anything you want. And with our powerful Blender integration, you get maximum control with no effort.

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Created for artists.

The artist comes first. Always. We are constantly trying to improve the way you work so you can create stunning environments without worrying about anything else.

Image courtesy of Sehsucht

Created for vfx.

They'll hold up. Always.

Visual effects need models that look photoreal in any scenario. Our highly detailed plant models have been used to create realistic environments in the film and advertisement industry. They will complement your scenes by adding that bit of realism to fully immerse your viewers in the worlds you create.

Image by Martin Kovacik

Created for archviz.

Bring your visualisations to life.

Plants can magically breathe life into any architectural scene. Our plants have been optimized with archviz in mind, meaning that you get all the tools you need to create stunning nature in your visualizations. And with species curated for the use in architecture, you get exactly the plants you need.

Image by Leonardo Braz

Created for you.

Tailored to your needs and budget.

With easy to use controls and a clean interface, Graswald has been optimized for hobbyists and beginners, enabling you to create stunning renders without having to pay for expensive software or learn something completely new. And if you're a professional, you can use Graswald Pro for even more control.

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"Easily the best nature assets I've ever worked with. A must have for every artist."

Pawel Pecherzewski
Freelance 3D Artist
House Design by Backyard ADUs

“I absolutely love the power of the addon and the amazing detail put into it.“

Thomas Berard
Student Graphic Designer and CG Artist

“Photorealistic plants of remarkable quality.“

Mateusz Wielgus
‍Freelance Architect/CG Artist

“Graswald impresses above all with the high customization of the materials.“

Aron Springer
3D Environment Artist

“High-quality plants created with close attention to detail, plus an easy to use customization. Totally recommended!“

Zacharias Reinhardt
Founder & Lead Instructor at CG Boost

“The one thing that upped the quality of my renders the most is definitely Graswald.“

Adam Nordgren
3D Artist

“Brilliant for adding more realism to your 3D scenes. Something I've needed for a long time!“

Miettinen Jesse
3D Artist at Wakeone

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Graswald empowers thousands of artists, hobbyists and professionals alike to create stunning nature computer graphics within minutes.

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